Jan 15

Fun Trending Ideas for Adding Comfort to Your Summer Wedding

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Though the weather around San Francisco is usually fairly mild compared to areas of California further towards the southern border with Mexico, hot steamy days are still possible. Many couples around San Francisco and across the nation are turning to some really fun and unique ways to add style and comfort to their family and friends’ summer wedding experience.

Mobile DJ Solutions is happy to assist you to make your San Francisco wedding a fun and memorable event. Dj Nicar amd G-Biz from 106.1 KMel look forward to providing the audio and visual entertainment on your wedding day. If you are planning a warm weather destination, backyard, urban, coastal or rural wedding, consider the following fun and trending wedding ideas!

Relief Station

Across the nation and certainly at San Francisco weddings, brides and grooms are creating unique atmospheres on their special day by providing their guests access to themed relief stations.

From chilled towels, refreshing virgin and or alcoholic cocktails to sunscreen, hand sanitizer and tissues, your relief station can be modified to suit whatever will most appeal to the comfort of your friends and family.

If you are planning an outdoor wedding in a venue that might have uneven ground such as near a beach, you could provide flip flops for your guests.

Simple touches like this can help make your San Francisco wedding a memorable hit and super fun event for all in attendance.

Parasols, Fans, Sunglasses

So many outdoor summer weddings around San Francisco are offering cool gifts like parasols, fans and sunglasses to their guests.

Besides helping to ward off any hot, steamy or overly sunny weather, these additions can make for amazing photographs and offer you and your guests memorable keepsakes from your event.

Bug Spray

Regardless of temperature, it can be a really smart choice to provide bug spray to the guests of any wedding ceremonies or receptions that will be held outside.

Simply filling a wooden crate or basket and displaying this near the entry of your wedding could help your guests feel more comfortable.

People of different body types, ages and many other factors can be more or less susceptible to mosquito and other insect bites. Providing bug spray is a great way to ensure everyone is maximally comfortable.

Seal the deal with a cute handmade sign announcing the bug spray to your guests or use the station where you provide this to expand on another theme of style point from your unique wedding planning.

Jan 01

5 Reasons to Hire a Professional DJ for Your Event

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Sometimes cutting corners to save money is a smart choice but if you are planning a special event, you should think long and hard before you choose the service of an extremely cheap or free DJ at your special event.  Here are some things to keep in mind as you plan your corporate event, wedding, birthday or other special gathering:

1. Can you be sure your amateur DJ will even still be performing by the time your day rolls around?

If you choose someone who is not being paid properly for their services, they may not be able to stay in business long enough to be the centerpiece of your party. Furthermore, would you really want there to be any chance you have to find a qualified replacement at the last moment?

Do you want to risk the possibility that the cheapie DJ is bankrupt and out of business before your big day?

2. Does it make sense to choose someone who is less invested in their craft and your enjoyment?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with djing for “fun”. Djing is one of the most rewarding jobs anyone could ever have but there is a huge difference between being a trained professional and someone just starting out.

3.  A wedding is a unique event that require the skills and experience of a wedding professional for a smooth and carefree event.

It’s about more than just playing music.  Your wedding DJ is responsible for coordinating the timeline, orchestrating the introduction and flow of events, working with your other vendors, managing the guests, reading the crowd and making sure the right song is played at just the right time.

You want someone like DJ Nicar has a lot of experience working with all different kinds of crowds, event locations and playlists.  Relying on a professional from Mobile DJ Solutions is clearly the best choice.

Are you willing to place the outcome of your wedding in the hands of someone who doesn’t “do” weddings for a living?

The Professionals You Need, Prices You’ll Love

DJ Nicar, G-Biz and Mobile DJ Solutions will be honored to find the perfect way to make your wedding a smooth, romantic and trouble free event. Reach out to us today and we will be happy to offer you the perfect free entertainment quote!

Dec 15

San Francisco Birthday Entertainment

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Birthdays are one of the most special times of year and many choose these moments to have a fun and memorable parties.  You may consider some birthdays are more significant than others, and you may want to mark it by having a special themed party of event to signify the moment in time.

Whatever special requests you might have, you can be assured the customer service team of Mobile DJ Solutions will be honored to support every step of your special Birthday fun. We take every event we play seriously and regardless of how old you are or why you want to celebrate, we will give 110% to ensure you get everything you desire on your big day,.

Give your birthday celebration that extra something by booking  the perfect San Francisco Birthday Entertainment. Birthday DJ Nicar plays for 18th birthdays, 21st birthdays, 40th birthdays, 50th birthday & Kids birthdays but really he and G-Biz are happy to discuss playing any kind of celebration you have in mind.

Mobile DJ Solutions: Bay Area Happy Birthday Specialists

Birthdays often have a theme and Birthday DJ Nicar is happy to work with you to source music that matches and enhances the vibe. What sets DJ Nicar apart from the rest is that he can read the atmosphere of the room and play the right music at the right time. Alternately, he is always happy to work directly with you to craft a personalized playlist that your birthday guests will love.

G-Biz, on-air personality from 106.1 K-MEL is the perfect person to bring a little extra excitement to your special birthday event. When you are choosing a San Francisco team to make your party come to life, few can do it better than DJ Nicar and G-Biz of Mobile DJ Solutions.

We have the skills you need to make your Bay Area special event, the party of a lifetime!

The Party of a Lifetime

So book Birthday DJ Nicar and G-Biz now, with their charisma and involvement, you will to be getting top line San Francisco Birthday entertainment for your special day. Booking is easy and simple. If you would also like to discuss your birthday party, special event or wedding, contact us now.

We will be looking forward to creating the perfect atmosphere for your special San Francisco Birthday!

Dec 01

Ridiculous Reddit Wedding Fails to Help You Plan the Perfect Event

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Every once and awhile, even the most picture perfect weddings can have challenging moments for bride, groom, or the assorted guests. These ridiculous wedding fails will re

The Candle that won’t Light

Trying to light one couple’s unity candle proved much harder than the couple imagined. While trying to light the Unity candle with their individual candles together, the couple simply couldn’t creating a tense moment and silence during there ceremony. The Redditor says it was”somewhere between 10 seconds and eternity.” Eventually the priest just moved on and the rest of the day was a huge success.

Solution: Practice all aspects of your ceremony or wedding party as much as you want to feel assured they will go as planned. The more you practice a special entrance or moment like a candle lighting, the easier it will be to know what it will be like on the big day.

The Surprise Shuffle

Reddit user HalBriston truly demonstrates why you need to choose a San Francisco Wedding DJ for your Bay Area wedding instead of simply trying to use the power of the iPod to entertain your guests. At the user’s wedding, a guest accidentally pressed shuffle resulting in Outkast classic “Hey Ya” to come on at precisely the wrong time at what everyone had thought would be a touching slow moment between father and bride.

Solution: Contact Mobile DJ Solutions for a free wedding quote for your Bay Area wedding. We will ensure all the right songs get played and there are no awkward moments like this:


Planning for Your Special Day

When you choose an amateur DJ or an iPod to play an essential role at your special event, you always run the risk of something random and unexpected happening.

Mobile DJ Solutions is happy to provide exceptional entertainment at unbeatable prices. We will work with you to ensure every step of your wedding is a huge success and you feel extremely satisfied!

Don’t leave your special event up to an amateur or the wrath of badly timed iPod shuffle moment. Choose San Francisco professional wedding Djs you can count on.

Nov 15

Proud to Support the Bay Area LGBTQ Community

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Mobile DJ Solutions believes in supporting LGBTQ weddings, special events and parties of any kind in and around San Francisco. Our team of industry professionals affirms the sanctity of all life and is honored whenever we can be invited to perform at an event which will bring friendly and supportive people together.

Whether you want us to play outside in a public space, on your property, in your business or home, you can be assured Mobile Dj Solutions will provide the skills you need at prices you will love. We are standing by and looking forward to discussing how we can support your next LGBT special event in San Francisco.

Diversity Makes Us All Stronger

Djing at Gay and Lesbian weddings in the Bay Area can without a doubt be some of the most exciting and fulfilling parties we play. Since the beginning of operations, DJ Nicar and G-Biz have been very happy to work along side the San Francisco LGBTQ community to create memorable events which raise awareness, celebrate freedom and bring people together.

We are always happy to play at any LGBTQ non profit organization, community center, or special event. We have long standing ties with these groups around the Bay Area and are happy to be the top Gay friendly special events DJs.

Mobile DJ Solutions supports the rights and freedoms of the San Franscisco LGBTQ community. It is both a great Californian and American value. The best of our nation is the sum of its myriad parts and what we all add to the rich tapestry of the human experience.

LGBTQ Wedding Professionals

If you are planning a San Francisco Gay wedding and need compassionate, friendly, professional, and responsive entertainment professionals to provide sound, lighting and technical expertise, look no further than Mobile DJ Solutions!

DJ Nicar and G-Biz will be the perfect accompaniment to your special day and it’s celebrations. We look forward to choosing the perfect music, lighting and atmosphere to ensure you feel your very best during your commitment ceremony and it’s party.

Reach out to Mobile DJ Solutions today to schedule your special event, wedding or corporate event. Our team is ready to support you and ensure everything runs smoothly during your Bay Area event.

We love supporting the LGBTQ community and look forward to assisting you!

Nov 01

Musical Support for Your Team Building Event

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So many businesses in San Francisco are using team building events to build rapport, connection and community values into their organizational culture. From the most decadent restaurants  downtown to the tech industries in Silicon Valley, so many companies near the Bay Area love to use special events to encourage and reward their staff.

Mobile DJ Solutions is the perfect choice for music to support your next team building event around San Francisco. Our team is skilled at working with our clients to ensure the right atmosphere is established whether at a wedding, private party, wedding or corporate event.

We Love Playing Bay Area Corporate Events

As San Francisco Special Event Experts, we offer professionalism at an amazing price and our music will help your staff to feel more engaged during your next team building event. Whether you are planning to host and indoor, outdoor, day or evening event, Mobile DJ Solutions would be honored to bring an atmosphere of fun and excitement that you and your team will really love.

Bay Area Corporate entertainment can look so many different ways depending on the preferences of our clients. Sometimes special themed playlists such as ones covering a specific decade or category such as “Tropical Songs” are best; at others, we might play a variety of contemporary popular music. We are always extremely satisfied when we can work with our clients to create a fun and memorable atmosphere for their San Francisco special event.

With professional sound and lighting, your staff will really feel that they are a part of something special. Team building events are on the rise in San Francisco. All around the city and region the best businesses are using these special days to achieve strategic purposes.

Plan Your Corporate Event with Us!

The right Bay Area corporate event can achieve so much in regards to demonstrating corporate social responsibility and connection, establishing a positive and motivating organizational culture. Just one special day for your staff to work through fun and challenging seminars, workshops, lessons or activities together could be all you need to supercharge profits and cohesion for many years to come.

Teams that can struggle, support and laugh together tend to perform better. If you are looking to enhance the way your team performs, contact Mobile DJ Solutions so we can help you design the perfect corporate event entertainment package.